News of October 1999


31.10.1999, 20:45 EET
Oops.. I made one mistake with Miiku's records and I decided to update all other things too.
- Wcup page is now updated. (Wc2k05 results and total results)
- Records page is updated too. (zeke's 6 second best times and Miiku's record fixed)
- Members (amount of second records)
- News (u know)
- Main (date)

Hmm.. I have to do my schoolwork now. Next update will be soon, but not too soon. :)

31.10.1999, 20:15 EET
Much things happened. Miiku's times are now added and so is his info. Zeke also drove some new times. Me and Zzznark did also the same thing. I can't write much just now. Too much to update. :)

Hey, wc2k05 just ended. See the results in PeXi's page. GA got some good results :) Wcup-section will be updated tomorrow. More news also tomorrow. :)

Mika Häkkinen is also world champion in Formula 1!!!! :)

29.10.1999, 19:30 EET
Sorry for unupdating... TRIGGER just sent me his state and he had few team records. His totaltime is also improved by 10 secs. Something little updating in the other sites. Nothing important.

24.10.1999, 15:00 EET
Petri drove some new records and so did zeke and Miiku..

24.10.1999, 20:30 EET
Some new records in the tracks-page by Zzznark. He also drove some new records and his total is under 60 now :)

World Cup 4 is over and GA got some good results:
- miiku was 19th and he got 22 points.. (he joined yesterday, more news soon)
- zeke was 20th and he got 21 points..
- Petri was 21st and he got 20 points :)
So GA got 63 points and that's very good. In wcup01 we got almost as good points.. (60)

That's all now...

23.10.1999, 22:00 EET
zeke's times are now in the record-list. He got 1½ team records :)

23.10.1999, 17:30 EET
Hotwax's info now available in members section. Check it out!

23.10.1999, 00:15 EET
We have 2 new members: Miiku and zeke. Their records and stats will be updated soon...

22.10.1999, 17:00 EET
Some new records in tracks section. I (Petri) drove 2 new second best times, and 1 team record.
- Over and Under (36:75, previous 36:76)
- Labyrinth (1:03:11, previous 1:03:12)
- Animal Farm (1:32:71, previous 1:34:2x)

Members site is also updated (only the number of records) :)

18.10.1999, 16:45 EET
I fixed some links and updated wcup-section...

18.10.1999, 14:00 EET
I'm back! Lots of things updated. Let's start with GA Championships. Rules have changed a bit, check it out if u are interested. I also updated TRIGGER's times in the championships. He took 2nd place. Let's see if someone can beat him.

Contest-page updated. Tons of new records...

And then something BIG. Hotwax sent his state.dat and he is now added to members-section. Check it out. He also got lots of team-records and second best times.

Then some Wcup02 results:
- Petri got 25 points with 53:72
- ZeBoZZ got 2 points with 54:81

I don't know anything about Wcup03 yet..

9.10.1999, 10:30 EET
I updated once more before my trip. That's because Pyroman just sent me his state.dat and he had lots of new records. Here are all records what he got...
- Precarious (30:03) - Almost as good as my time
- Jaws (1:10:09) - New second best time
- Enigma II (1:00:21) - Good time
- Expert System (1:15:15) - Another good time
- Hang Tight (33:78) - Almost second best time
- Totaltime (42:47:37) - He made it better about 30 secs.

If he continues that pace, he'll get some TR's soon. :)
I just sent my wcup02 .rec to PeXi. The time is 53:72...

8.10.1999, 14:55 EET
Zzznark drove WR in höyla2.lev!! His time is 0.03 better than previous WR there!! I think this is the final update before my trip to England, so next update will be around 18th day. I will add few new tracks then too.

Pyroman said that he can't play wcup02 or wcup03, because he has so much work to do. I hope he gets some points in wcup04 then.. :)

6.10.1999, 17:00 EET
I'm leaving to England next week, so I can't play wcup03.. or can I? I have heard something that there are internet connection and so on... :) It's about 50% chance that I play the level. Let's see what happens... :)

Tracks-page also updated.

4.10.1999, 18:30 EET
Zzznark's total is now counted. U can check it out from members-section.

Echh.. I have a test tomorrow. Must read a little bit :)

4.10.1999, 14:55 EET
Wcup01 is over now. Here are the results from GA:
- Petri was 3rd with 37:82 and he got 60 points! :)
- Pyro was 47th with 38:90.
- ZeBoZZ was 98th with 41:81

Our own championships' results are also done. Check them out. I also added world cup section into this page.

3.10.1999, 10:00 EET
We have a new member, Zzznark. Check out the members section. Petri drove also a little bit across and got 3:39 in Lab. Pro. There will be another update at today evening...

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