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What's this?
We take 4 levels and play them. Here are the levels:
- Vermithrackz2
- Dinolandia
- JumpBug
- The Banger

- There is no ending date. :)
- You can send your times when you want
- If you have made better time than your old in any of those tracks, feel free to send it me, I'll update it
- You must send replay to prove your time. Remember to tell your time too.
- Anyone can take part to this Championships.
- You can send as many recs you want, but only your best is showed
- Send .recs and times to petri@netcore.fi

1st - 10p
2nd - 6p
3rd - 4p
4th - 3p
5th - 2p
6th - 1p

Thanks to ZeBoZZ for the idea.