News of February 2000


11.2.2000, 23:20 EET
This is the last time I write news in here, check out the new page of SSC and the news from there! I updated these news totally 150 times and I think it's pretty well...

5.2.2000, 21:45 EET
So it happened, the thing what happens to most of the big teams...

I said there won't be any updates soon, but much happened, so I updated... Three members of SSC left the team: cpkozmo doesn't play much anymore and he leaved. Very soon zeke and SkedoR left the team. I haven't updated the records-page, but our team total bacame a little worse...

4.2.2000, 14:00 EET
Across 2 is finally out, but it has a new name, Elasto Mania. I tested the shareware version for some hours and it seemed cool, but I didn't like spinning apples. It's good that they can be turned off... :)

Back to the Across... Petri drove his second world record yesterday!!! The level is Bounce Back and the time is 54:22. :) The feeling after the drive wasn't so great as when I did my first wr, but it was great anyway. I höyled 6 hours (I did nothing else) yesterday and finally got the wr. Total amount of hours playing Bounce Back are over 50 hours in two weeks, so I played it a lot!

It's too bad that Csaba stops updating Across 1.2 records. Prehaps someone have to do the 'official' list after it. I wonder if there is a world record list for ElMa's multiplayer, if there isn't, someone could do it... :)

I'm making a new page because Elmasto Mania came, so there won't be any updates soon...

1.2.2000, 17:00 EET
SkedoR's new total now in records-page, it's 39:45:70. Petri also höyled a little and got Finnish Record in Bounce Back with time 55:90. It wasn't too well driven and it is not too far from world record, prehaps I should play a little more.. ;) I also played Expert System a little and got 1:08:12...

World Cup is finally over and SSC got very good results from it:
- Petri got 14th position with 307,5 points, Miiku was just after him with 303,5 points, zeke got top-25 position with 190 points, Terba drove 63,5 points, zenith 22p, Pyroman 16,5p and Spliff 6p. SSC got 914 points and I think it's pretty well...

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