News of July 1999


18.7.1999, 20:30 EET
Spliff Star made some new records... Tracks page updated..

18.7.1999, 16:30 EET
ZeBoZZ is 3 weeks in holiday, so he can't play across. Bulldog's new logo is: Bulldog.gif (46188 bytes)

18.7.1999, 01:00 EET
I added guestbook and one replay.. Spliff Star made also new records..

17.7.1999, 18:25 EET
Tracks- and replays page updated. ZeBoZZ drove also new records..

16.7.1999, 21:57 EET
Pyroman and ZeBoZZ made some new records and made ZeBoZZ made one TR! I also added version 1.1 records and a counter..

15.7.1999, 20:20 EET
Pyroman made lots of new records and one TR! It's Double Trouble. He also got his total time under 44!

ZeBoZZ made again some new records and got his totaltime under 47! Our totaltime is added in record-list. I also made a transparent logo for GA.

ZeBoZZ made some new records... I will make new logo soon...

Spliff Star made some new records and one TR!! One replay and one contest also added...

Some more contests in contest-page..

Mr. Master changed his nick to ZeBoZZ...and he made LOTS of new records. His totaltime is now under 48!! If Spliff Star's logo doesn't work in this site, reload... I also added colors to record-list (maybe temporarily) and modified members-site a little bit. New contest also added..

Haagi has changed his nick to Bulldog.

Spliff Star has made some new records.. Tracks-page is also updated. I made some new times there... Spliff Star has also new logo.. It's this:spliff_star.gif (35492 bytes)

Back in home again! Loiin has changed his nick to Spliff Star. He also made new records...

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