News of December 1999


30.12.1999, 3:10 EET
zeke did it. He had under 40... Check out the record-page.

30.12.1999, 3:00 EET
After a huge counting I updated this page. Cpkozmo, zeke, Petri, Miiku, TRIGGER and Spliff Star drove some new times. TRIGGER retook Bounce Back and it's now 59.62. Who is going to take it next? :)

I must congratulate zeke to be the first SSC member, who got his total under 40. Well, I'm quite sure about it, because he had 40.00.03 some time ago.

I also updated the world cup section. This was the last update before the trip, have a nice millenium!!!

27.12.1999, 17:00 EET
Petri drove one team record in Expert System and his total is under 40:30 now.. :) This may be the last update for long time, because I'm going to make a trip to Canaria...

27.12.1999, 12:00 EET
Xmas is over and I didn't even touch Across that time. We can't say same from TRIGGER or zeke, they both drove tons of new records. TRIGGER is still leading in the total time, but zeke is only some seconds before him. Bounce Back team record changed its owner once again. Now the holder is zeke. Let's see how long it remains.

23.12.1999, 16:15 EET
I just got Pyroman's state.dat. He is playing much nowdays.. :) He made his total 9 seconds better.

23.12.1999, 12:45 EET
Petri drove lots of new times. His total is now 40:33!! Our team total is also under 39:30 now...

22.12.1999, 21:00 EET
Petri drove 2 new team records (Twin Peaks 21:35 and Loop-de-Loop 21:65) and I'm also going to make my total under 40:40 today. :) I and psym0rph did a track together. Download it here, it's pretty cool...

22.12.1999, 16:15 EET
I drove Zig Zag 1:53:01, HeHe 1:07:72 and Enduro 59:78. Now my total is 40:41:23. :)

22.12.1999, 14:30 EET
School is over!!! Now I have much more time to play Across... :) Pyroman celebrated the vacation by driving his total time down over 15 seconds. :) He took 5s from Lab. Pro, 8s from Apple Harvest and 5s from HeHe.

I felt like counting these texts in this news-page. Here are results:

December:: 15 updates, 946 words, 4250 characters, 35 paragraphs and 73 lines.
November: 32 updates, 1307 words, 5860 characters, 57 paragraphs and 122 lines.
October: 17 updates, 851 words, 3810 characters, 56 paragraphs and 86 lines.
September: 9 updates, 552 words, 2415 characters, 45 paragraphs and 63 lines.
August 19: updates, 377 words, 1800 characters, 20 paragraphs and 45 lines.
July: 14 updates, 268 words, 1320 characters, 14 paragraphs and 33 lines.
June: 8 updates, 367 words, 1668 characters, 8 paragraphs and 30 lines.
May: 13 updates, 242 words, 1149 characters, 13 paragraphs and 31 lines.
August: 3 updates, 24 words, 126 characters, 3 paragraphs and 6 lines.
Total: 130 updates, 4934 words, 22398 characters, 251 paragraphs and 489 lines. (this line is not counted)

20.12.1999, 17:20 EET
Pyroman finally sent his new state.dat and he had one team record! It's Bounce Back and he beat my time only with 00:00:03! :) There has been a huge competition about team record of Bounce Back. I had it with 1:00:73 just a few days ago, then TRIGGER drove it 1:00:55 and very soon I drove it 1:00:51. In same day Pyroman drove it 1:00:48. :)

20.12.1999, 15:35 EET
Petri drove his total down 9 secs. He got one team record and two second best times.

19.12.1999, 21:30 EET
Sorry about unupdating, but Ultima 9 is too addictive game. I did only 2 things since my birthday: I played Ultima 9 and was in channel #across. :) TRIGGER's new times and wc2k10 stats updated. I was pretty right about that point thing. I got just 10 points.

I've became pretty lousy about updating these news, I try to update a little more.

16.12.1999, 0:00 EET
My birthday... :) I'm now 15 years old. Wc2k10.lev really sucks, I think I'll get at most 10 points from it... :)

15.12.1999, 22:10 EET
ZeBoZZ changed his nick to Zenith...

13.12.1999, 21:00 EET
See the main page. We did some major updates there. Check also every other page, I updated GA-texts to SSC-texts. :)

12.12.1999, 21:45 EET
Much news now: I tell the less important things first... :)
- I and Pyroman made some new levels, I'll add them later.
- I got my Frontpage 98 work. Now I can start to update this site often again.
- Records page updated. I fixed some wrong times I had put there when I was editing with notepad. :)
- This news page updated. Yeah, this is more important than those above. Everyone (hopefully) like reading news.
- GA is now Scandinavian SuperCrossers, SSC. I will make a logo, header and modify other stuff later.
- World cup page updated. GA got some good enough results. (The team was GA, when wc2k09 was) ;)
- Main page updated. Something little, but important :)

11.12.1999, 9:45 EET
My Frontpage 98 didn't work and it doesn't work now either, so I couldn't update. And I'm too bad with notepad. Well, I used it a bit and after some quarters I got this site updated! :) Trigger drove lots of new times and his total went down to 40:27! Just now I'm playing only World Cup, and I got very nice time in wc2k09 a while ago. It's under 35secs! :) Next update will come when I get my Fpage work.. Updated sections: News, main, times, members, wcup... :)

5.12.1999, 13:30 EET
Not much happened. I'm waiting wc2k08 results and I hope I get some points. My time was 1:19:42 and I've already sent it in. I also added one link! :)

4.12.1999, 22:45 EET
Still one update today. Petri drove one team record and one second time. (Ramp Frenzy 1:07 and Quick Round 58) His total is now 40:51!! :) VJ32 also drove nice time to one of contests.

4.12.1999, 21:55 EET
I got zeke's times. He has now 8 tr's and 8 second times and his total is under 41!! Our team total is now 39:40! :)

4.12.1999, 21:30 EET
Heheh.. I said I will almost stop playing Across 2 days ago. So it is, I can't be without playing Across and I drove my total 4 secs better a while ago. Now my totaltime is 40:52, and it will be better. :)

3.12.1999, 21:00 EET
Zzznark's and Spliff Star's new totals are in the records-page. Zzznark took 2 team records and 2 second times. Tracks page is also updated, I added a possibility to download my bad tracks, though there isn't list for them. :) In contest site something happened too. psym0rph drove all records in Ptrack's. :)

2.12.1999, 19:55 EET
Now most of my works are ready and I can start updating again. Spliff Star is now under 44 minutes. In records page it's 44.03, because I haven't got his new state yet. Zzznark got 2 team records and 2 second times as well, but I haven't got his new state either. Prehaps I get it today.

Then something about If it never released, playing Across could be much more fun. If I play great time somewhere, everyone thinks it's with and because of that I've almost stopped playing Across. I play just a few internal levels, world cup and external levels anymore.

It's Ok if people use for fun as I do, but it's irritating to see that people drive times to wr list with it. I hope Csaba demands rec's from every wr soon, not only the first-timers. :)

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