News of January 2000


30.1.1999, 20:30 EET
Sorry about unupdating, but I've been very busy. I try to update one or two times per week, but I'm not sure if it's possible. I've just got lots of things to do.

List #390 came some days ago with my wr and very many people have asked me about the rec, I just can't send it, the style is not mine and I promised to not spread or tell anything.

Terba's and Petri's new times are now updated. I haven't received zeke's or SkedoR's new times yet, (or if I had I've lost them :)) so I couldn't update them. I'll do it as soon as I get (or find) them. Hubbe sent some times for SSC championships, but I couldn't update them, 'cause he forgot to send the rec's. :)

I haven't updated world cup section, but World Cup 2000 is over now, more about it later. Our team totaltime is going down, now it's 37:40!!!

22.1.2000, 19:55 EET
Well, this was a great day for me, I got a WR! :) I höyled The Steppes almost 10 hours without any result, but finally, I did it... The time is pretty good, 15:43, but I made a big mistake in the end of ride and I think someone will take the record away from me during next few days. Well, it's pretty cool to have make a world record anyway, the feeling is great! :)

Much other things too... TRIGGER drove his total under 39, Petri drove his under 40 and our team total is now under 38. The owner of Bounce Back team record changed again. I took that tr with 56.92! :) Very many other things have also happened in the record list, for example zeke drove 1.04 in Jaws and SkedoR drove 52.27 in Quick Round. Just check the rest of the records yourselves.

Now 5 of our members are under 40 and one is under 39. We didn't have any too good members at first, but their totals are getting down with a good speed.

19.1.2000, 20:55 EET
TRIGGER drove 2.59 in Lab.Pro and he is now leading clearly in total times. zeke took Bounce Back (59:55) from TRIGGER and the fight about it's team record continues. SkedoR, Petri, Terba and Miiku drove also new records and 4 of our members are under 40 min! I'm going to do it soon, there are only 8 secs to go. Our team total is also getting better. Soon it's going under 38!!

Wcup-page updated, Miiku got 28,5 points, Terba got 9 points and I got 2 points. I hope the wcup ends soon, I'm pretty tired on it. Btw, I just drove 33.66 in wc2k14 and Spilff Star has 33.34!!

SkedoR's and zeke's total times are marked with some ?'s, because I don't know them exactly and I didn't have their new states. I'll count the exact time, when I get it. I've been pretty busy this week and I will be, I've got a lot of schoolwork to do. So, there won't be very many updates, prehaps one in the weekend.

I did 5 new tracks a while ago and I'll add them to contest-page later on. There aren't any GFX, but levels are pretty playable, except one... :)

15.1.2000, 17:15 EET
Much happened in the records-list...

- TRIGGER is now under 40. His total time is 39:58:03! :)
- zeke is still leading, his total is 39:57:86. He told he has some new times though.
- Petri's total is now 40:17, I try to make it under 40 soon.
- There were some mistakes, when I updated SkedoR's times. Now they are fixed and SkedoR's new total is 40:09!
- Miiku drove excellent time in Precarious. He made also his total a little better.
- Our team totaltime is now 38:46:22...

13.1.2000, 21:05 EET
Our team total is now under 39, it's 38:50:47. SkedoR's and Terba's new times are now added. SkedoR got very many team records.

11.1.2000, 20:55 EET
It's strange to write that 2000 instead of 1999. Every time I update, I accidently insert there 1999 and correct it later. Well, this kind of problems are history soon, I hope.

- Much happened in records-page. I updated Terba's times, he got 10 team records and 14 second best times. Spliff's times and my one new time is also updated. I haven't updated SkedoR's records yet, because I lost his state.dat and it was old anyway. When he sends it again, I'll update his times.

- I added one new ptrack to the contests-page. Try it, I liked it, but I don't know about others. I updated also wcup-section and made little changes to other pages.

10.1.2000, 18:00 EET
Petri drove 2 new second best times and Pyroman improved his total some seconds. We have also some new members, Terba and SkedoR, maybe some others too, I don't know yet. I'll update wcup-page when I update next time.

I'm pretty busy now, so I couldn't update Terba's and SkedoR's times. I'll do it later as well. I have also some records for contests, but same thing in here. I'll update it later.

1.1.2000, 3:45 EET
Well, I was used to go to Canaria, but plane was late. Finnair said it was something with millenium, but I wouldn't be so sure about it. So, I leave there this morning. I'll come back in 8th or 9th day, next update may be then. See ya then!

I also heard that zeke got some new time. I don't remember it though, so I update it later on. We may also get some new members soon. I tell more when I update next time. This time I updated only news-page and main-page.

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