News of November 1999


29.11.1999, 17:00 EET
I updated contest page and track page. Try my new Ptracks!! :) And now I have some good news and bad news.

Bad thing... I have lots to do just now and my arm is also injured. :( So it's veery hard to update this page. Next update will come after a week, I think. Good thing... There are now 115 updates in GA's page and in November I updated 32 times. (no updates tomorrow ;)) I never get tired to this newswriting, or do I?

26.11.1999, 19:05 EET
It's a really good thing, that wc2k08 recs must be sent in 6th Dec! Now I have more time to update these pages and play internal levels. Next week I'll do my time in Turn II better.

As you have prehaps noticed, I have changed colors in record list. Not much, but new time is now marked with this color. :)

26.11.1999, 18:45 EET
Much news now. First some records. Trigger sent me his state and he had lots of new records and his total time is now clearly better than anyone other's in our team. Our team's new total is also counted. Spliff Star made also some new records and made his total time down 11 seconds.

This news-page is modified a bit. I changed oldest news to other page, so this loads faster with slow modems. :) I also updated the contest, psym0rph drove great time in Ptrack02.

This site's address may change soon, because of the pop-up, but I'm not sure about it.

24.11.1999, 19:15 EET
Page finally updated. My computer was down few days, that is the reason to lousy updating. Zeke, cpkozmo, Miiku and Spliff Star drove their totals down a bit and cpkozmo got one team record and one second time.

I think our counter is kinda strange. Sometimes it shows wrong number of visitors. Just now we have about 600-700 visitors.

21.11.1999, 20:50 EET
zeke's new total is 41:21:00. Wcup page updated.

21.11.1999, 20:30 EET
Results are done and GA got some great points. I was 6th, Miiku 13th, zeke 15th, Zebozz 21st and Pyroman 25th. Zeke's totaltime is now 41.24:18! :)

21.11.1999, 14:00 EET
Something about wc2k07. It's over now and now I tell our team's stats. Petri got 33:72, Miiku 34:0? and zeke 34:1?. :) I hope we get some points.

GA_championship page updated. psym0rph from Fed. is now in the lead.

20.11.1999, 22:00 EET
This is 108th update! WoW!  Petri got nice time in wc2k07. I won't tell that yet, but it's under 34. :)

I have been silly again and counted how many times I have updated per month: (if someone is interested?) Previous updates/month stats are in 19.9-news :)
- September 1999: 9 updates
- October 1999: 17 updates
- November 1999: 25 updates
- Total: 108 updates!!!

20.11.1999, 21:30 EET
We reduced some members and we have now 10 members. That's enough and we are not taking more members. Hotwax was removed because he played for other team. Liggo, Skalman and Dirty didn't play much Across and they weren't co-operative with other members.

It wasn't me who wanted to remove members, but it was almost everyone in our team. Now it's done.

20.11.1999, 21:00 EET
Sorry about bad updating, but I've been busy, because I've played wc2k07. Zeke, Spliff Star and Zebozz drove lots of new records and our team total is 39:51:70!

20.11.1999, 9:30 EET
I forgot to update yesterday, but GA is now 1 year 1 day old team!!!!! Petri celebrated it by making one team record in Turnaround II (42:87) and he is also leading now in the total times. Spliff Star made also new team record in Slalom (48:68) and I think that is a great time.

Hmm.. my time is rather good in Turnaround II, but I can make it at least 2 secs better, because I made a mistake in one place. I hope I get wr someday. :)

I updated contests page and some little other things too.

17.11.1999, 19:00 EET
Pyroman got his total under 42:30! I also updated the contest-page.

15.11.1999, 16:20 EET
- Spliff Star and Zzznark drove some new times. Check out records page for their new totals.
- DeG from AA drove GA_championships
- Zzznark drove some contests

14.11.1999, 21:15 EET
Much news now:
- Zzznark drove his first team record in Freefall (36:57)
- Miiku drove wc2k06 57:90, zeke 57:99, Petri 58:03 and Zebozz 1:01

I'm wondering why top-3 from our team are always near each other in wcup. I don't know reason, but we are NOT using others recs. I think only that our skills are quite similar.

13.11.1999, 22:45 EET
It happened!!!! Zeke is under 42 with his totaltime. He will soon break 41 too :) His records are updated.

13.11.1999, 22:30 EET
Spliff Star improved his total a little bit. I drove 44:60 in Turnaround II. I think I can drive it something like 40. Contest page also updated VJ32 from AM drove some records.

10.11.1999, 19:30 EET
Zebozz drove some new times and made his total 4 secs better.

8.11.1999, 21:30 EET
We have some new members again. Check out members-site.

8.11.1999, 15:00 EET
I added some new links (again) and then something for only GA members. :)

7.11.1999, 20:45 EET
Zzznark's picture added. See the members-page.

6.11.1999, 23:59 EET
Sorry, I just got Liggo's state and he had a team record. I HAD to update, sorry!!!! :)

6.11.1999, 23:50 EET
Still one update before midnight, because I got some too important things to update!! :) I added some links!! And then fixed something little. This will be last update today, I promise.

6.11.1999, 23:40 EET
Zzznark did one new record in my trackpack.

6.11.1999, 23:35 EET
Liggo's stats added...

6.11.1999, 23:30 EET
Zeke did it! He did 3 more team records and now our team total time is finally under 40!! Pyroman also drove one new record and he is still 3rd in the totaltime. Zeke is very close and I think he will run over Pyroman very soon.

Then one thing about our site's outlook. There is new thing in the main page. Thanks a lot to Xemsis for making it. Remember also to click our sponsor. 2 links also added. We have also a new member, Liggo.

6.11.1999, 20:25, EET
There is now a new logo for GA by Miiku.

5.11.1999, 22:30 EET
One new track added to contest-page. Some other little things fixed too. Pyroman also drove 2 new records.

Then one BIG thing!!! GA's team total is 40:00:00!!! Not under 40 yet, but very soon!

5.11.1999, 19:00 EET
I added 4 levels to contests. Bulldog left the team, because he stopped playing as Linux did and most of our members wanted it.

4.11.1999, 17:00 EET
So, it's now true. 2 GA members are under 41!! TRIGGER did it yesterday and Petri day after it. Vote-thing is not working perfectly yet. We try to fix it.

4.11.1999, 13:25 EET
Petri drove some records and one team record too. You can also VOTE FOR GA's LOGO!! See the main page!

3.11.1999, 22:25 EET
Well, it was quiet, it's not quiet anymore. Much things happened. I start with the most important thing: Linux is not in GA anymore. He stopped playing Across.

Another important thing is that TRIGGER got lots of new team records and is now leading in the total time too. Then there are just some small updates...

3.11.1999, 19:35 EET
It has been quiet and there is nothing to update. And there is not much this time:
- Zzznark made his first level :)
- I drove 1.49.85 in New Wave

I'm wondering about has anyone read all these 84 updates. Dunno, but so what. I think it's fun to write these news. I try to reach 100 before Christmas.

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