Record sites:
Official Best times list
PeXi's Top-20
Tumex's 21-60 list

Personal sites:
PeXi's Across page
T0rPed0's Across page
psym0rph's site
Lardass' site
Dr. Across' site
Elbono's site
Toble's page
My own site (check out)
My bug-site (check out)
Xemsis' site
zeth's site

Finnish teams:
EMT Design
apple harvesters finland
Team '98
Team Finlandia
Helsinki Crossers
Across Masters
Federation Against Antih÷ylism
Espoo Across Team

Swedish teams:
Pite Radioactive Acrossers
Swedish Across Masters
Mega Masters X:ers
The ACrossers
Umeň Acrossers
Segolitan Across Team
Coffein Crossers
Acrossers Anonymous
Team 54

Norwegian teams:
Kings of Cross
The Mighty Motormen
The Great Riders
Crossers With Style
Crazy Crossers
the Lone Derangers

Other countries:
Team Elite

Other sites:
Official Across sites
Spliff Star's and ZeBoZZ's replay site


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