News of June 1999


There will be no updates in next 2-3 weeks, because I'm in my summer holiday.

Sorry about unupdating, but I wasn't at home. Loiin and TRIGGER made some new records and Loiin's totaltime is under 53!! New replay is also in replays page. It is Loiin's Loop-de-Loop. Pyroman lost his Labyrinth Pro to TRIGGER. There will come some images to this site, but I'm not sure when.

These pages are finally ready.. Pyroman drove lots of new records and took 2 team records from TRIGGER!! He also improved his totaltime over 2 minutes!

TRIGGER got his totaltime under 41!! Replays page is also opened and there are some good recs. Check it out.

I wrote that next update will be in 14th day, but... This update is because we have 2 new members!!! Check them out in members-page. TRIGGER captured almost all the records..only 1 record is holded by other player. Kalin's times are not in the list, because I didn't get his state.dat yet.. I am veery busy just now, so I can't update these pages everyday, but I try to update as often as possible... Mr. Master's and Loiin's new times are also there and Mr. Master drove new records to my trackpack..

Loiin's and MaD GuM's new times in the recordlist and Loiin's totaltime is under 56!! I'm going in 10 minutes, so I had to hurry updating these sites. There can (I hope not) be some mistakes in times. I come back in 12th day, but next update will be in 14th day.

Much news now.. First Loiin made lots of new records and 2 team records also. His total time is now 56:22:87!! My computer is not working perfectly and I must check what's wrong. Of course that takes time and I haven't got much time to update these pages. And.. I can't update these sites next week, because I'm not at home. Next update will come maybe in 14th day... Anyway.. It's cool that summer holiday finally begins! One more contest also added!

There won't be any updates next week, because I'm not at home.. I changed off the colors in the recordlist.

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