News of September 1999


29.9.1999, 17:00 EET
We are now playing world cup.. Here are some of our results just now:
- Petri 38:65
- Pyroman 38:90

I think we might take some points. :)
Try also my Bug-gallery. There are some cool screenshots.

Everyone, try our contests/levels!! :)

26.9.1999, 14:30 EET
Some broken links removed...

26.9.1999, 12:45 EET
Not much news now..
I haven't updated for a while, because there were nothing to update. And now there are only little: Things what I have changed:

- News (this)
- Times (Petri drove 1.19.20 in Fruit in the den)
- Main (date)
- Links (one link added)

World Cup 2000 begins today and I think most of GA are taking part on it. I hope we get as much points as possible. :)
He promised that he sends his state.dat to me 12.9 and he hasn't sent it yet, 2 weeks later. :) Hotwax should send his state.dat soon or we are going to kick him out from the team.

That was all for now..

19.9.1999, 21:45 CET ;-)
Motomen's link fixed, GA Championships - page modified!!  Whee.. this was third update today..

I think GA's site is one of the most updated sites in the Acrossworld.. :) I just counted how many times I have updated per month:
- April 1999: 3 updates
- May 1999: 13 updates
- June 1999: 8 updates
- July 1999: 14 updates
- August 1999: 19 updates
- September 1999: 6 updates
- Total: 63 updates!!!

I hope we can continue updating like before.. Here are also some days when I have updated 3 times!! :)
- 19.9.1999, this day..
- 18.7.1999, öh..
- 15.7.1999, eh..

That's all now!! See you soon!!
P.s. We got our 200th visitor since 17.8 today!!

19.9.1999, 18:30 EET
I modified one word in GA Championships - page!! :) Tracks-, Links-, and Contests page updated!!

19.9.1999, 11:30 EET
Sorry for unupdating, but I've been very busy. We are still waiting our new members', Hotwax's, state.dat. I hope he sends it soon. ZeBoZZ drove a little bit Across, and got his totaltime down over 3 secs.

All members of GA!! Take part to our championships. The link to there can be found in the main page. There reads also more info.

Some new links and one fixed...

12.9.1999, 22:00 EET
Finally an update! Much things happened...

- Petri drove lots of new records and now his totaltime is better than TRIGGER's!
- We have a new member, Hotwax. He has 5 team records, but I haven't updated them yet, because I haven't got his state.dat yet. I hope he sends it soon.
- Pyroman drove some new records, but I haven't updated them yet. Pyro said it's no needed, because he will soon make some more records. Well.. that's all right. (less job to me : ))
- More levels, contests and other stuff coming soon.. (prehaps)
- Links page updated - some more links
- That's all now.. see ya soon!

4.9.1999, 9:30 EET
6 new tracks in track-page.

1.9.1999, 17:00 EET
I made new track-page. I removed 11 bad levels from there and added 14 better levels. Try them. If you have the old trackpack, delete it and try the new one. :)

I also drove some new records and so did Pyroman.

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