News of August 1999


31.8.1999, 15:00 EET
Spliff Star drove couple of new records and improved his totaltime over 10 secs.

30.8.1999, 17:30 EET
Some new records from Petri.

28.8.1999, 16.25 EET
We have a new member and it's me, Petri. I was in Motomen before this, but ->LUKE<-(or ZAR) kicked me because of too good times. I really can't understand that. I decided to join this team, because I have many friends here and I'm the webmaster of the page.

ZeBoZZ drove also some new records..

26.8.1999, 21:00 EET
ZeBoZZ made some new records... His total is now under 44!

24.8.1999, 20:20 EET
Some new records by Spliff Star and ZeBoZZ.

20.8.1999, 0:10 EET
Bulldog drove Across a little bit and got his totaltime down by a minute. Tracks-page also updated.

19.8.1999, 18:00 EET
Pyroman drove one new team record and he's total time is now under 43:25! This page will be soon added to the webring.

17.8.1999, 21:00 EET
MaD GuM was kicked from the team, because of unactivity. Linux joined to his place and he's total is 45. ZeBoZZ drove also new record in Hang Tight.

17.8.1999, 12:00 EET
ZeBoZZ drove few new records.

14.8.1999, 15:25 EET
ZeBoZZ drove some new records and his totaltime is now under 44:30!!

13.8.1999, 21:00 EET
Bulldog drove all levels through and he's totaltime is 69! Our team total is also updated!

13.8.1999, 10:20 EET
Pyroman drove team record in Animal Farm. Time is 1:34!!

12.8.1999, 22:20 EET
ZeBoZZ drove 2 new team records. We will also have a new member soon... :)

11.8.1999, 10:10 EET
Pyroman drove some Across and got two team records (Long Haul and Slalom) and lots of other records.

10.8.1999, 20:15 EET
One contest added again. I also played 'em a little bit.

10.8.1999, 15:00 EET
One more contest added...

8.8.1999, 22:05 EET
ZeBoZZ is back from his holiday and he drove some new records. He got his totaltime under 46.20! Bulldog drove some new times too, but no team records or second places.

7.8.1999, 22:45 EET
Contests-page updated... kalin is removed from the team.. He "joined" something like 3 months ago and we haven't even got his state.dat yet!!

1.8.1999, 11:15 EET
Sorry for unupdating, but there were nothing to update. Pyroman drove some new records..

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