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Level Driver


1. Warm Up Petri Bike went upside down. Not good. 2/10
3. Twin Peaks Petri To the wall and then to the ground. 2/10
3. Twin Peaks Petri Very similar to bug number 1. 2/10
3. Twin Peaks Petri These same type of recs are boring. 2/10
3. Twin Peaks Petri Climbing up the wall. Not bad. 3/10
4. Over and Under Petri Very similar to the bug in Warm Up 2/10
5. Uphill Battle Petri Again one. Argh!! I'm really bored. 2/10
6. Long Haul Petri Uh oh! Again one! I hate these. 2/10
7. Hi-Flyer Petri Something different now, but not good. 2/10
7. Hi-Flyer Petri Almost same as another Hi-Flyer. 2/10
8. Tunnel Terror Petri Drivin' backwards. Whee, this I like. 3/10
8. Tunnel Terror Petri Some kinda bug, die doesn't come too quickly. 4/10
9. The Steppes Petri Fast die, bad rec. Like those many before. 2/10
10. Islands in the Sky Petri Ah. Almost same as before. 2/10
10. Islands in the Sky Petri Only little better. Not good. 2/10
11. Hill Legend Petri One of my worst bugs. Too small. 1/10
14. New Wave Petri Great start if bugs were allowed. 3/10
15. Labyrinth Petri Driving backwards, an Ok rec. 3/10
17. Turnaround II Petri Am I accelrating too fast? Yeah. 2/10
17. Turnaround II Petri Backward-driving in the same level 4/10
18. Hangman Petri Little flying, not good. Try if u want. 2/10
18. Hangman Petri Little higher, little better. Dunno about this. 3/10
18. Hangman Petri Now this is good rec. Same kinda jump. 4/10
18. Hangman Petri Quite similar to the rec before. 4/10
18. Hangman Petri Again one. Just little higher. :) 4/10
22. Precarious Petri Bad rec, forget this one. Just hittin' the head. 1/10
28. Zig Zag Petri Same kind of rec, but bad anyway. 1/10
29. Labyrinth Pro Petri Bad rec again. Just little bounce. 1/10
30. Fruit in the Den Petri This is nice. Wallclimbing, I think. Try! 5/10
31. Jaws Petri Nice beginning in Jaws, try this also! 4/10
33. Double Trouble Petri My worst double recs. Not good 2/10
33. Double Trouble Petri This rec is fun. Bounce in the Double. 4/10
33. Double Trouble Petri Almost same, but worse. I don't like. 3/10
39. Expert System Petri Very nice start with lotsa volts. 3/10
14. Slippery Slope Zebozz Typical bug in Slippery Slope, but it's cool. 4/10
14. Slippery Slope Zebozz Almost same as before. Check out. 4/10
External File Spliff Star Cool bounce from the ground. Check. 3/10

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